TEST (Tabletop Exercise System Technology)

One way to prepare for natural and manmade disasters is through training, and one of the best ways to train the members of an organization, association, agency or business is by participation in discussion based or tabletop exercises. While traditional tabletop exercises can be effective, they can also be limited by their one-size-fits-all approach, the skill of the facilitator, and inefficient capturing of information for later use. To address those limitations, TEAM Simulations presents its Tabletop Exercise System Technology, or T.E.S.T.

TEST is a first-of-its-kind, computer-based tabletop exercise system that simplifies the development, delivery, and after-action reporting of training exercises. TEST has been used to train and exercise over 900 agencies and over 5000 federal, state, and local governmental officials.

How T.E.S.T. Works

TEST guides users through a specific disaster scenario that includes simulated news reports, e-mails, video, and other appropriate documents to drive their actions.

TEST then asks participants leading questions based on the information provided and allows participants to respond.

The participants' response is then recorded in a database to be briefed to other participants and consolidated into an immediately available written transcript or after action report. This is particularly important in today's exercise environment due to new after action reporting requirements under the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The new standards require very detailed exercise reports in a specified format. TEST automatically generates a HSEEP compliant report in minutes that would normally take weeks to prepare without the software.

The design of TEST allows individuals in a group to use a single computer. This enables group members to brainstorm and input their answers into the system without the need for a group facilitator. It can also be used at individual workstations in participants own offices. It can be delivered over an intranet or the internet.

TEST also makes it extremely easy for administrators to design their own exercise. With only a basic understanding of computers, exercise developers can quickly design a tabletop that is interactive and engaging. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration of TEST. For more information, download our TEST Brochure.

TEAM Simulations offers the following TEST related products:

TEST Multiple User Licenses - Bundles of 50 or more full use licenses for use by states, federal agencies or enterprise licenses for large organizations.

TEST Jurisdictional/business licenses - Licenses for internal jurisdictional or business exercises and training.

TEST Single Use Licenses - One time use licenses.

TEST Certifications - Become certified as a TEST administrator or facilitator.

TEST Updates/Maintenance - Ask us about our free updates and maintenance options.

Technical Support Services - This business line includes not only direct support services for TEST, (i.e., bundled exercise packages, technical support), but also includes supporting services requested by TEAM Simulations, LLC clients to include, but not be limited to: exercise design and development, exercise facilitation/control/evaluation, video driver production, exercise documentary scripting and production, exercise and training information support systems, etc.



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